• Getting around Venice


    Take a stroll on foot
    You’ll get to know all of its out of the way and unusual nooks and crannies, perhaps far off the more beaten paths. Distances are short: Get a map of the city, but don’t bother to get “lost” in the back “calli” (roads), bridges and “Campi” (squares) that make up the real Venice.

    Yellow signs, usually on the wall of a corner building, will direct you to the major spots.

    Cartello calli - Venezia

    Take the vaporetto (water bus)
    The local transport company A.C.T.V. allow to go around using the vaporetto, a typical Venetian boat used for the city public transport. The single water bus fare is € 9,00 for one journey on the Venice network.

    It is possible to purchase 24, 48, 72 hours and 7 days tickets that allow to travel cheaply:

    24 hours Travel Card for € 25,00
    48 hours Travel Card for € 35,00
    72 hours Travel Card for € 45,00
    7 days Travel Card for € 65,00

    The 24, 48, 72 hours or 7 days tickets are valid through out Venise for exactly 24, 48, 72 hours or 7 days from the time they are punched. These are the ideal ticket to visit the city: they are valid on the bus (from the camping to Venice, and vice versa) and on all public water boats (vaporetti). Buy it in the camping, punch it once and enjoy all the benefits!

    To verify the timetables and the tariffs visit the web site of HELLOVENEZIA: http://www.hellovenezia.com
    (Hellovenezia is the brand name for services offered by Ve.La, the company which since 1998 has been responsible for developing the commercial activities of ACTV, the local public transport company).

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