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    Great campsite... If you want a quiet, simple and cheap campsite near Venice this is perfect.

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    This campsite is quiet but with the added gem of being right on the public transport route to Venice [...] The staff are friendly and helpful.

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    The place was clean and the staff was helpful. The best thing is that their restaurant serves reasonably priced food in the evening. I stayed in a two-bed ensuite and it was good value.

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    Located along the Riviera del Brenta, in a pleasant location rich in noble buildings testifying the greatness of Venice, the CAMPING SERENISSIMA, fenced and guarded, arises over an area of 20,000 square meters and has all the comforts necessary for unforgettable relaxing stays. To allow guests to enjoy the beauty of Venice without the long-standing problem of parking, the structure is easily connected with the lagoon and the magnificent historic centre by bus running every 30 minutes.

    Your staying at CAMPING SERENISSIMA will give you also the possibility to make pleasant excursions following beautiful itineraries. From tours in the beautiful Venice, to the excursions in the surrounding areas, as the Riviera del Brenta or the city of Padua: you may spend pleasant moments of relaxation and culture. But that’s not all, the location is convenient for visiting other unmissable and beautiful locations, as Treviso, reachable in thirty minutes, Vicenza, known as the city of Palladio, reachable in fifty minutes, the city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, reachable in about an hour, and, no less important, the natural beauties of the Dolomites of Belluno easily accessible in less than two hours.

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    • Visit Venice

      Venice is a city to be discovered day after day, through the senses: feet to move along narrow streets, hands to fondle the surfaces of buildings shaped by time and even more by history, sight to grasp the way Venice is experienced and admired from the inside and hearing for the typical sounds of a city still living in its time set by the rise and fall of the tide. Venice is an open book, a city museum offering in all its splendor to visitor , for this reason visiting Venice means having a once-in-a-lifetime thrilling emotion.
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    • A hike along the villas of the Riviera del Brenta

      The Riviera del Brenta is made up of districts and green spots arisen along the ancient course of a river linking Padua to Venice. Ideal extension of Venice to the Mainland, the Riviera del Brenta lived from the 16th century to the 18th century a golden age that has turned into a privileged holiday resort of wealthy Venetian patricians. For this reason visiting the villas of the Riviera del Brenta means rediscovering the splendours of Venice, reliving a fascinating world no longer existing, but still perceivable admiring the frescoed halls of these splendid mansions, their flower gardens and the charming atmosphere of the surrounding landscape.
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    • Spending a day in Padua

      Padua, with the Basilica of S. Antonio, the famous Scrovegni Chapel and the Church of the Eremitani, with frescoes by Giotto and Donatello, is only 30 km far from the camping. Padua is an ancient bishopric and University seat, and is connected to the lagoon of Venice through the channels of the river Po and the Riviera del Brenta. Very rich city in paleovenetian traces, Roman , medieval and Renaissance remains, one of its more important tourist attraction centres is surely the Basilica of Sant’Antonio, an important place of worship attracting devotees from all over the world.
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    • An excursion to Treviso, Vicenza, Verona or the Dolomites

      And for all those who want and have time but above all the curiosity to go further, and admire the artistic, cultural and heritage landscapes of the Veneto region in all its splendor, there are places like Treviso, medieval walled city; Vicenza, the city of Palladio, included in the list of “World Heritage site” with 23 monuments in the old town and 3 villas; and Verona, city of love and music where Shakespeare set his tragic story of Romeo and Giulietta, and where even today the Arena is home to important concerts of grand opera. Do not forget then the Dolomites, the most beautiful mountains in the world thanks to their geological and morphological inestimable value, UNESCO World Heritage site.
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    Camping Serenissima - Venezia, distanze in minuti

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