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    Dear Costumers,
    we want to ensure you safe and quiet holidays and, for this reason, we have adopted the SECURE CLEAN CAMPING-VILLAGE standards created by FAITA FederCamping:
    • We sanitize the accommodation at every departure, to offer you clean and safe environments
    • We sanitize common areas and bathrooms several times a day We placed hand sanitizer gel at different points of the structure
    • We provide on the shop masks, disposable gloves and products to sanitize the accommodation
    • We observe and enforce safety distance
    • We are welcoming as always, with some extra attention

    Information on some new rules adopted by Camping Serenissima in relation to measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID19:
    Access to the Campsite:

    IMPORTANT: access shall be DENIED to guests who:
    • show symptoms referable to Covid19
    • have fever higher than 37.5 C°
    • have been in contact with people who have been diagnosed with Covid19 for the past 2 weeks

    • You will not be able to access the campsite before registering.
    • Upon arrival for check-in, only one person per family or group must present with all valid documents.
    • Guests can be are requested to fill in the early check-in form, sent by email together with their booking confirmation, and send it to the management by email before arriving at the campsite.
    • All customers must always use the mask in the closed spaces (eg market, laundry, common areas and public toilets), and in any case always when it is not possible to respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter (except for those belonging to the same household or subjects who in any case share rooms for overnight stays). The gathering of people in public areas should be avoided. Sanitizing gel dispensers are available in front of the entrances to the common area.
    • You will be given an information brochure with the new security measures and the behaviors to be adopted for your safety and to guarantee you a peaceful and relaxing holiday. In the campsite you will also find signs, stickers and routes with indications on the behaviors to be taken relating to safety and personal hygiene.

    • Your vehicles must be parked inside the assigned pitch in order to guarantee a distance of one meter from the bordering pitches. The open sides (the access side) of the housing units (caravans, campers, tents) must respect a distance of at least three meters from other neighbouring units.Our staff will be providing you with directions and help.
    • You are not required to wear the protective mask while staying on your pitch with people belonging to your household.
    • Whenever guests who do not belong to the same household enter someone else’s pitch or mobile home, everyone will be required to wear the protective mask and keep a social distance of at least 1 meter among people who do not belong to the same household.

    • It is mandatory to sanitize your hands before and after accessing the toilets. Sanitizing gel dispensers are available in front of the entrance to the facilities.
    • It is mandatory to wear the mask in the washing/dishwashing and bathroom areas (except for you take a shower).
    • some sinks and washbasins will not be usable to respect the safety distance, there will be special warnings;
    • children, as per campsite regulations and now absolutely, must be accompanied by an adult;
    • Access to public toilet and shower facilities is limited to a fixed number of people at a time. Gatherings of people must be avoided. Keep a social distance of at least one meter from people who do not belong to the same household.

    • The crowding density in the pools it is calculated with an index of 7 m2 of water surface per person. The lifeguard will ensure that the number of guests inside the pool area does not exceed the limits calculated according to regional laws..
    • Use of the swimming pools is permitted only with bathing cap and everyone must use a bag to store personal belongings.
    • Showering with soap before entering a pool
    • Sanitizing gel dispensers are available in front of the entrance to the ppol
    • Deck chairs and umbrellas will be positioned to ensure the correct distance between guests who do not belong to the same family or friends. Please don’t move them.

    • The playground is open and the maximum number of admissions is 10 people.
    • Parents should supervise children to ensure safe distance.
    • Use the mask when the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter cannot be guaranteed

    • The market is open and the entrances will be regulated (maximum 3 people)
    • Sanitizing gel dispensers are available in front of the entrance to the facilities.
    • Masks, disposable gloves and hand and surface sanitizers will be available in the market

    The BAR-RESTAURANT-PIZZERIA will not be open at the moment. There is a vending machine for hot drinks and snack available for guests. The restaurants and pizzerias of the town (500 meters) are regularly open and are organized for takeaway or home delivery. Ask for more information at the reception.

    The present guidelines are based on the 25/05/2020 Veneto Region regulations and may vary according to future provisions.


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